As a foreigner in Mexico

Arrived in mexico in Febuary 2019. Things was not So easy.

The Spanish is Challenging as Most of the Mexicanos Don’t speak other language than Spanish.

I personally used my wife as Translator as she is from the country.

Important things to know.

  1. Never walk with big amount of money .
  2. Never show off your financial ability .
  3. Don’t trust strangers
  4. Never buy used item from people you don’t know
  5. Don’t trust receipt receive or selling papers from sellers on the street! So easy to get Fake papers and make fake papers over here
  • If you are thinking to drive over here , Be careful , Mexicanos are very agresive drivers and really few respect the road codes.
  • Mexican Cuisine.

    Personally as a Mauritian citizen who has never taste real Mexican cuisine before was a real Adventure.

    Inform yourself about what your tacos is made of before eating it ! Speacialy when buying Street food! Speacialy for Delicate Eaters.

    Some Street taco will be made of pork , intestine of the animal As well as brain and so on ! So better be aware.

    Personally i don’t eat the intestine but don’t stop me from eating food!

    I see there cuisine really tasty with the mix of lime juice , dice tomatoes , onions , cilantro just amazing . Known as pico de gallo

    The Pollution :-

    If you come from a country that the level of pollution is not really high , Get ready ! As in the picture below its mexico city !

    Mexico city bans driving once a week to battle against the air pollution .

    Some companies support there workers to work from home at least 1 time a week .

    As a foreigner in Mexico , sometimes its challenging to adapt but when you start to adapt to the life style , i bet you , that you will not what to go back to you country of origin .